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For copper network decommissioning and recycling.
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Copper Cable Recycling
Network Decommissioning
Our dedicated team of copper and fiber splicers can handle any aspect of installation, repair, maintenance, and decommissioning.
Cable Removal & Extraction
Using specialized equipment and a 16-step safety process, we can remove aerial, direct-buried, and in-conduit cable with no disruption to the active network.
Copper Recycling
Our state-of-the-art recycling facility can process any type of copper cable into 99.99% pure copper. We buy any type of copper cable.
PM & Brokerage
If you have an existing recovery program, we can assist with brokerage and logistics for recycling and selling your copper cable.
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Fiber Installation
Underground placement of fiber optic cable as part of our suite of services.
Central Office Decommissioning
Splicing & Cabling
Our technicians roll circuits off of underutilized cables and onto better quality pathways to reduce faults and improve Quality of Service.

Network consolidation, copper removal, and recycling.

End-to-end network consolidation and decommissioning services offset by the value of copper recovered.

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Reduction in faults on the copper network when consolidated to better-performing lines.

0 %

Reduction in overall air pressure, maintenance, and tax costs related to the decommissioned copper lines.

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Pounds of cable recycled so far.

End-to-End, Turnkey Solution​.

End-to-end network consolidation and decommissioning services.

Engineering and design planning

For circuit migration, network consolidation, and cable removal.

Splicing and circuit migration

For all aspects of the project.

Cable extraction and recovery

International or domestic.

Advanced recycling technology

For maximum financial retutn.

Copper Cable and ICW Recycling​

Our state-of-the-art recycling facility turns any type of copper cable into 99.95% pure copper.

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Financial Return

With our own in-house recycling system, we are able to maximize the value of the copper for our partners.

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Renewable Energy

Our recycling facility is powered by 100% renewable energy. Moreover, it’s low-emissions, no-water usage, and uses no chemical solvents.

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Each ton of recycled copper displaces 2.8 tons of mining-related CO2 emissions. We provide ongoing metrics on the amount of copper recycled in order to add a boost to your carbon-neutral goals.

Learn more about optimizing your network & maximizing what you recycle​

Our goal is to help remove and recycle as much copper wire as possible. Contact us to explore how we might be able to help your team.