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About Us

We’re committed to creating an ongoing supply of sustainably-sourced, recycled copper to support global decarbonization efforts.

Our Mission

There are currently hundreds of billions of pounds of copper cable buried underground as part of legacy telephone and power networks. As telephone companies move to fiber, the copper lines are becoming increasingly underutilized and decommissioned.

Our program is geared toward engineering solutions to consolidate and decommission redundant or underutilized lines in order to maximize the amount of copper that can be recycled. With a state-of-the-art facility, we recycle thousands of tons a month of copper cable to produce sustainable, 99.9% pure copper.

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Reduction in faults on the copper network when consolidated to better-performing lines.

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Reduction in overall air pressure, maintenance, and tax costs related to the decommissioned copper lines.

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Pounds of cable recycled so far.

Why Copper?

Copper is essential to countless decarbonization technologies, including solar energy, wind energy, and electric vehicles. It’s estimated that each ton of copper utilized in the global economy results in 500 tons of reduced CO2 emissions per year.

Solar power
Energy storage
Electric vehicles
Charging Infrastructure

Our Values



With a low-power, no-water system, our recycling process aims to be as sustainable as possible. Each ton of copper we recycle displaces 2.8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise be emitted through mining.



We’re committed to serving all of our partners, and ensuring that our program provides maximum benefit to them. We pride ourselves on offering our program at no-cost, while providing financial, operational, and environmental return.



We’re committed to transparency and accountability at all levels of our operations. With rigorous reporting systems and databases, we’re continually looking for ways to optimize and improve.

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Supporting a Sustainable Future

By proactively reclaiming and recycling copper lines, our program aims to produce a continuous supply of recycled copper for global decarbonization efforts.

Learn more about optimizing your network & maximizing what you recycle.

Our goal is to help remove and recycle as much copper wire as possible. Contact us to explore how we might be able to help your team.